Scented Carpet Powder, Room Freshener & Deodorizer | Vacuum Freshener | Carpet Odor Eliminator

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Transform your home into an oasis of freshness with our Scented Carpet Powder! Our meticulously crafted formula not only eliminates persistent odors but also leaves your rooms smelling delightfully fresh. Ideal for homeowners seeking a quick and easy solution to refresh their environment, this product promises a noticeable difference with every use.

For Vacuuming: Sprinkle scented carpet powder directly onto your carpets before running the vacuum. As the vacuum works its magic, the powder is activated, neutralizing odors trapped in fibers and releasing a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance. This not only cleans your carpets but also enhances the overall air quality of your home.

As a Room Freshener: Even without a vacuum, scented carpet powder freshener works wonders. Simply distribute a light dusting across the carpet or in trash bins and let it sit. The absorbing properties of our powder capture and eliminate bad smells from cooking, pets, and smoke, rejuvenating your living spaces with a clean, subtle aroma.

For Pet Bedding and Upholstery: Pet owners will love scented carpet powder for its ability to refresh pet bedding and upholstered furniture. Sprinkle the powder lightly on pet beds, sofas, or car seats to absorb odors, reduce the buildup of pet smells, and maintain a fresh, clean scent in areas frequented by furry friends.

With scented Carpet Powder, you’re not just cleaning; you’re elevating your home’s atmosphere. Safe for all types of carpets and fabrics, our product is an essential addition to your cleaning routine. It’s environmentally friendly, made with non-toxic ingredients safe for family and pets. Embrace the power of order eliminator and make your home a fresher, more inviting place every day. Join the multitude who trust multi-use carpet freshener to keep their homes vibrant and odor-free. Discover the difference with every sprinkle—your nose will thank you!

Here is a list of all of the ways you could use our product:

  • carpet deodorizer
  • surface scrub
  • laundry booster
  • toilet bowl cleaner
  • tub scrub
  • dishwasher cleanser
  • oven cleanser
  • sneaker refresh
  • and so much more

Carpet Powder, Room Freshener, Odor Eliminator, Scented Vacuum Freshener, Home Deodorizer

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Weight 21 oz

Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Borate, Fragrance

How to use

Carpet & Mattress Freshener: Sprinkle on carpet or mattress, let sit for 5 min and then vacuum
Scrub: Sprinkle on surface add water and wipe with cloth or soft sponge
Laundry booster: Add 1 tablespoon to laundry to soften



scented Carpet Powder, Room Freshener & Deodorizer


Little Black Dress, Tropical Coconut, Summer Tweed, Northern Lights, Lemon, Lavender

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carpet powder scented in tropical coconut.Scented Carpet Powder, Room Freshener & Deodorizer | Vacuum Freshener | Carpet Odor Eliminator
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